How We Are Different

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Client BillClient Bill of Rights

We believe as our client you have the:
  • 1 – Right to talk to us same day you call.
  • 2 – Right to be updated regularly and in a timely manner as to the progress of your case.
  • 3 – Right to our respect.
  • 4 – Right to expect competence from our firm and all who work here.
  • 5 – Right to know the truth about your case.
  • 6 – Right to prompt attention from us.
  • 7 – You have a right to a fair settlement
  • 8 – Right to a fair written fee agreement with our firm.
  • 9 – Right to a fair fee for the work we do.
  • 10 – Right to make the ultimate decision on your case.

All attorneys are governed by a higher standard called the Code of Ethics.

We believe as attorneys we must live by these ethics in all that we do and say.

Among these ethics is one specific right you should be aware of that your lawyer is obligated to provide:

Client Confidentiality: This is called attorney-client privilege. This means that a lawyer, or any member of his or her staff, cannot reveal most things you say or show to your lawyer. This is true if you have hired that lawyer or just talked with a lawyer and communicated certain information. There are exceptions such as someone who reveals something illegal such as if someone intends to cause bodily harm to others or themselves.

We are committed to the highest standard in legal representation.

Why Call Us… Because You Want to Win.


Client BillClient Satisfaction Guarantee

No lawyer can ethically predict or guarantee the outcome of your case, and neither can we. But Scott Monge, The Georgia Hammer of Monge & Associates is committed to quality work, personal attention and client satisfaction that we will give our Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the way we treat you and your claim, during the first 30 days after hiring our firm, you may take your file, no attorney fees and no questions asked.

Our firm can guarantee several things as well:

  • Your first consultation to discuss your case is free.
  • You are charged no up-front fees when we take on your case.
  • You will receive a written fee agreement that is clear, concise and fair.
  • We take client confidentiality very seriously. The attorney-client relationship is based on trust,
  • and we are legally bound never to repeat most things you say or show to us.

Our final guarantee: If we don’t win, you won’t pay us.

The bottom line is simple. You have nothing to lose by contacting the Monge & Associates for an evaluation of your case. Since 1993 we have seen how families have been devastated by car accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck wrecks, slip-and-falls, on-the-job injuries and disabilities. We know how to help.

Contact us now for a free consultation by calling, We Come to You or you can click here to fill out our online contact form.

Why should you call us? Because you want to win.


Best LawyersWe Can’t Legally Say We’re the Best Lawyers for Your Case

We can’t legally say we’re the best lawyers for you without knowing more information about you and the facts of your particular case. We operate under ethical rules that prohibit any lawyer from claiming to be the very best. However, there are certain things we can promise related to the services we deliver to our clients.

Our Promises to You:
  • YOU have the right to talk to us the same day you call
  • YOU have the right to know what is happening with your case and receive updates
  • YOU have the right to 100% devotion, dedication and loyalty from our team of professionals handling your case
  • YOU have the right to have your case handled without delay
  • YOU are guaranteed a bigger settlement offer than you had before hiring us or you pay us nothing
  • YOU receive a Satisfaction Guarantee that if you are not fully and completely satisfied with the way you are treated in the initial 30 days of our representation you can take your file and pay us nothing.

We aren’t a fit for everyone, but we do pride ourselves in helping clients make the right choice. If we aren’t a good fit, we will be happy to refer you to other lawyers who may be a good fit. Those clients with cases that meet our criteria we treat like family and we work together as a team to get the best result we can.