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Nursing Home Deaths Tragedy Preventable

Monge & Associates Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys express our heartfelt condolences to the families of those that lost their loved ones in the unfolding tragedy of nursing home deaths caused by oppressive heat and sub standard care following Hurricane Irma. Most, if not all, of these death nursing home deaths could have been avoided, if

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Scott Monge Discusses Truck accident kills five nursing students

USA today reported early Wednesday April 22, 2015 five Georgia Southern University nursing students were killed when a tractor trailer failed to slow down in stop and go traffic.  The five students were heading to Savannah hospital when the crash happened. The accident on Wednesday involved 3 tractor trailers, 2 pickup trucks and two cars. 

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Fat-Burning Supplement OxyElite Pro Linked To Liver Failure?

A rash of cases involving liver failure or acute nonviral hepatitis (liver inflammation) recently struck Hawaii, with the only link between cases, to this point, being the use of dietary supplements. Twenty-nine cases have been reported, and 24 of those involved OxyElite Pro—a weight-loss and muscle-building dietary supplement manufactured nationwide by Dallas-based company USPLabs. Health

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Tenant And Landlord Relationship Is A Two-Way Street

There are expectations of a Georgia tenant who rents a house, apartment, or other residential dwelling. Among them are not treating the property in a roughshod manner, not being disruptive while living at the residence, following the terms of the lease, and paying the rent on time. Just as important are the responsibilities of the

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